Thursday, 21 May 2009

Girl you gotta let me go ...

The after effects of Politics exam :P hehehe.
Girl you gotta let me go,
I ain’t the one I know.
It’ll hurt but pain will fizzle out,
You’ll move on I have no doubt.
I don’t wanna be accused no more,
So, it’s time I be mature.
It’s time I put my dogmatic fences up again,
It’s time I be the cruel ‘I’ again.
They accuse me of playing with your heart,
Baby you gotta let me go,
I ain’t the one I know,
I don’t wanna be the bane of your past.
Baby they don’t know,
The battles I fight,
To delude myself
To never let ‘You’ and ‘I’ unite.
They think I’m conning you away,
From the bitter truth you should know,
Woe betide me if I make it fake,
I know the thwarted ‘we’ I would make.
Girl you gotta let me go,
I ain’t the one I know.


  1. Nice when is your book going to b launched!!!! well written!!! keep posting its beautiful!!!

    take care!!!

  2. Can I just write, the starting lines set it off as if a hip-hop song. Before I even noticed, I was reading this in a hip-hop style. The rhyming encouraged it furthermore.

    Hmm, it is decently all right. I reckon, you could sit, relax, think and make this better. And, when you do so, you'll take this to a whole new level. No offence meant. I choose to consider this as a draft. Pardon me.

  3. nice one hina..loved it..

    seems exams tend to bring the best outta your poetry.. :-)

  4. great! more exams won't do your writing any harm, heee heee heeee

  5. A very catching song in my head, you.

  6. Nice poem hina.....exams really inspire you a lot.
    Keep writing!!

  7. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. And sorry for thanking so late, I just got done with my exams and so logged into blog as the first thing. Thanks again :)

  8. Lol exams!!!!!! Good one!! =)