Sunday, 13 September 2009

The comeback.

Okay, so I wrote again. And surprisingly this time it weren’t the exams that inspired me. I actually got inspired from a conversation I was having with a friend. And from that I came up with a few lines and then forced myself to make it a proper poem. The reason why I titled this poem as ‘The comeback’ is because there are two reasons behind it:

1- this poem is my comeback to writing and seeking the inspiration for writing and;
2- the whole point of this poem is also the girl’s comeback to, erm, I would say, where she actually belonged.

Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Cheers :-)

I shall not inflict myself on you any longer.
I shall not become the inapt,
stultifying boredom for you.
I shall unlock the doors of my heart, and
let you walk out of what you call a prison.

One day, I know, I shall stand
at the threshold of my heart, and
recall the memory of your departure.
But I shall not feel any throes.

Because I anticipate the hope, that
a time will come, when
I shall know, that
I was right to let you walk right out of life.
I was right to think, that
I will survive. Yes, I will survive.
I will survive on prodigious conditions, and
on better terms. So much better than
your vile attempts to reach where you will never reach.

You have fallen. You have fallen so deep
in the abyss of destruction,
leaving no traces behind.
So, you shall never rise.
You shall remain there forever, and ever.
As you belong nowhere but in your own
world of betrayal.

Moreover, I shall leave you there, and
get back to the ‘I’ you left at crossroad.
I shall erase the traces of woebegone, and
purify my soul from all the drastic bygones.
And, I shall take myself back to my
virgin soul and save it, from getting corrupted again.
As my soul is where I will reside, forever and ever.

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  1. And, I shall take myself back to my
    virgin soul and save it, from getting corrupted again. WELL DONE