Thursday, 30 April 2009

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
It resides in our existence inalienably,
you try to abstain from it and,
it will get you horrendously.
Make a shrewd move and embrace it,l
et saviour in you trace it.
And the treasure of your infinite depths,
would be revealed to your eyes.
Self-love is all the saviour would need,
and on prodigious path your soul would heed.
Beyond the place of wrath and tears,
looms but the horror of shades.
And so the menace of coming years,
could and would find you never.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Conditional love VS Unconditional Love!

Just when I thought I’ve moved on;
you came back.
I read the regret in your eyes.
I heard the hope in your voice.
While I was there, where you changed your path,
I wanted you with all my heart and soul.
And now when I’m your wanting me to be myself again,
I want to tell you;
When I think of myself right up into what you and
once I wanted to be, I see nothing but a delusion.
I see a house of compromises,
made with the walls of weak promises.
Roof made with the cement of do’s and don’t’s,
base so easily breakable despite of the hard stones.
No, No don’t go! I want you to stay, until;
I finish saying what I really want to say. Listen!
If it wasn’t for you to leave me,
I wouldn’t have found the one who could heal me.
You left me when I was at my best,
He accepted me when I was at my worst.
You pushed me down when I was at my highest,
He bent down to take me higher.
You took my smile away,
He made my tears dry.
You snatched my moonlight,
And he brought sun into my night.
You left me dead person alive,
He gave his soul to bring me back to life.
And now when you’re back;you still want to,
like you always wanted to make me yours conditionally,
I want to tell you;
He’s made me all his unconditionally.

Baby, you heal me.

The flu, the fever, the pain of tonsils, the keep blocking nose and the whole miserable condition made me write this so kindly don't blame me if it makes you fall asleep or wanting to kill me for writing so *I don't know* :s ... I'm not really aware of the writing rules so I don't know what to call this. The tagged people would know it better I guess.

You never seemed to have noticed what I was,
how drear I was when you entered my life.
My life was darker than any dark stormy night,
there was no glow, there was no shine.
My heart was like a deep dark hole,
haunted by the ghost of past.
My pain echoed in the dead silence,
the trickling of my tears was the only noise.
My loneliness was my only companion.
I was in thrall by the bewail of my destruction.
My soul was lost in the abyss of despair.
How did you find me I always wondered?
And the wonder reminds of the day I seen you.
What was it about you that captivated me?
What was it that made the hole in my heart ache?
Your deep sea blue eyes, was it?
Or was it the way your eyes embraced me?
Your eyes appraising my paleness always made me wonder;
what was it about me that invited you in?
Your love, your passion,
your devotion, your obsession,
your wanting to be all mine,
your wanting to make me all yours,
your presence hammered the stony grip around me heart.
What was it that had hurt me more?
The breaking grip setting my heart free,
or the desperateness to be free?
I was so irreverent, so self-inflicted,
so deliriousto even try and push you away from me,
how obstinate I was to keep you away from the jinxed ‘Me’.
What was it about me that didn’t let you go away?
What was it that made me deserve someone of your calibre?
What was it that made you choose me to be with the perfect ‘You’?
What was it about me that made you jump into the haunted hole,
and light it with the shine in your eyes,
and fill it with glowing colours?
What is it about me that made you fall in love with the wrecked ‘Me’?
The question touched my lips and I so wished it never did.
The burning glint in your eyes was what I’d prefer to die before seeing.
The drear smile on your lips was what I wished I never witnessed.
And you placed the burning answer on my lips;
‘Baby, you heal me.’!