Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Conditional love VS Unconditional Love!

Just when I thought I’ve moved on;
you came back.
I read the regret in your eyes.
I heard the hope in your voice.
While I was there, where you changed your path,
I wanted you with all my heart and soul.
And now when I’m your wanting me to be myself again,
I want to tell you;
When I think of myself right up into what you and
once I wanted to be, I see nothing but a delusion.
I see a house of compromises,
made with the walls of weak promises.
Roof made with the cement of do’s and don’t’s,
base so easily breakable despite of the hard stones.
No, No don’t go! I want you to stay, until;
I finish saying what I really want to say. Listen!
If it wasn’t for you to leave me,
I wouldn’t have found the one who could heal me.
You left me when I was at my best,
He accepted me when I was at my worst.
You pushed me down when I was at my highest,
He bent down to take me higher.
You took my smile away,
He made my tears dry.
You snatched my moonlight,
And he brought sun into my night.
You left me dead person alive,
He gave his soul to bring me back to life.
And now when you’re back;you still want to,
like you always wanted to make me yours conditionally,
I want to tell you;
He’s made me all his unconditionally.


  1. I read this and kept thinking I have read this before. Then I remembered. Literally like a bulb going on... Welcome to Blogger my dear! :) Hope to see a lot more of you here :)

  2. Wonderful wrk! Its heartening to see the acknowledgment of one's efforts! Even wen a person does all fr sumone neva expecting nythng in return, he/she wld feel happy to see a recognition in da eyes of da oder!

    Luvd dis one! :)

  3. Rash yes I finally managed to crack the complications and created the blog. You'll definitely get to see more darling :)

  4. Thank you Maverick, pardon me if I've misspelled your name. I must say that it feels great to see people appreciating your efforts. I was unaware of this feeling as I never shared my writings with anyone ever before but I'm Glad I'm doing now. Thank you again :)

  5. Now, I like this one but for the reasons that shall be criticised. You see, there is a lot of confusion you create in this piece via your structure and untimely (or inappropriate) breaks. So, the success of this piece is narrowed down to a narrow niche audience. But, I am myself used to that and I don't mind it too. I reckon you should be prepared for that. To me, this is a decently good job. You could polish this by going slightly easy. But, that is up to you. Keep writing!!!

  6. Er I think I know what you mean. And I will definitely keep this in mind next time I write. Thank you for the criticism too. That'll definitely help :)

  7. absorbing.....what more i can say.
    unbiased and bold to state what love sometimes takes away innocence of telling truth....
    really good